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Lodges with Hot Tubs in the UK

Nothing enhances relaxation and peace as a weekend break in your private hot tub. A touch of spa-style luxury is here to help you forget about everything while gazing up at the clear sky above you, all the way to the stars you’ve finally managed to touch. Lodges offer beautiful scenery, privacy, and luxurious atmosphere were designed for those who give their all in the office and city hustle during the week.

Regardless of your occupation or age, you know you deserve this break – your mind, body, and soul will be grateful for the wow factor you have added to your life.

Having your friends experience the superb breaks is another excellent way to turn your weekend into an unforgettable memory. Have fun playing board games, enjoy loud music, and sip your cold drinks while dipped in hot water under the night sky. Charming furniture, a private and safe environment will undoubtedly elevate your parties to a whole new level. You’ll talk about the superb experience with your friends for months and years to come, and they’ll never forget such a brilliant idea of yours.

Feel loved and share it with those who matter most to you while proving that you are the one who always comes up with the best ways to party.


Lodges are perfect if you are looking to stay in a luxurious lodge escape nestled in the charming forests, woodlands and farms across various UK locations. There couldn’t be a more perfect place where you can unwind while being close to nature. If you didn’t know, there are health benefits that come with hot tubs too! They help relieve joint pain and stress, proving the ideal way to relax after a day of exploring your surroundings. 


If you are looking for a home away from home, with a touch of luxury then a cottage is the place for you. There is nothing more quintessential than a cosy British cottage with a warm open fire, situated in a rural part of the UK. With breathtaking views the hot tub cottages are the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or weekend away for groups of family and friends.